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A little about your CT Instructor

My name is Danny Zotter and I'm your primary instructor for SA FirEarms operations in CT. I not only enjoy teaching, I have a passion for the sport of shooting as well. I get satisfaction from knowing I've provided the most thorough instruction possible so that others will leave satisfied. The only way to do this is understand through my own shooting experiences which drives my passion for shooting as well.

My preferred class size is 3-4 people to maintain a low student to teacher ratio.

Although I have and will teach larger classes, I believe my teaching style lends to providing the best value for my students in a smaller setting.

The best scenario is to have a small group of acquintances get together to create a class. This affords each student the opportunity to ask very detailed questions and allows me to delve into into topics with greater detail. I encourage this and find it boring if I serve only the role of lecturer. My counterpart and I encourage interactive sessions to provide the best overall experience.

Danny's Instruction Credentials:

  • NRA Certified (First Steps)
  • NRA Certified (Basic Pistol)
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