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Protect Yourself Today!

Protect Yourself Today!

This could be yours...The M & P Shield .40

This sweet little compact .40 cal is the sister version of a previous giveaway. The Smith & Wesson M & P Shield has been one of the hottest sellers in concealed carry as of late. It is reliable, lightweight, comes with two magazines and easily concealable for both men and women. MSRP on this model is $449.00 and it could be yours!

Note: The next drawing for this gun will be held after the 75th student has signed up & attended class.

Here's how to potentially be the lucky winner!

Option 1....join a class!

Yep, that's it...attend a class AND provide feedback after class and you will be automatically entered. Attend two classes, provide feedback and you have two entries. That's it!

Note: Feedback MUST be provided in order to receive an entry. Feedback is extremely valuable to us so this is incentive to gain an opportunity to win.

Option 2, and this increases ones chances tremendously...REFERRALS!:

Let's face it, referrals help me, however will help you as well. The reason why I've provided this option is the following. Referrals are a great way to drum up business and is a cheap way to increase your odds of having this firearm in your possession. Here's how it will go...

For every referral, and that student attends a class of ours, you will receive three (3) additional entries. Yes that's correct, THREE additional for yourself! This is in addition to the one entry received by virtue of attending a class with us and any additional you may have purchased. This could include a co-worker, family member, friend, etc. Doesn't matter. Just as long as they attend.


Let's say you've attended two of our classes.

  • Two classes attended = 2 entries
  • In addition, you purchase an additional entry for a total of 3 entries
  • 3 people have been referred by you and they all attended = 9 additional entries

Do the math, you have now been entered 12 times

We will have a referral sign up sheet for each class and they MUST provide the full name (first name, middle initial, & last name) as the one that referred them to get proper total of entries.

Ok, the fine print:
  • You must be elegible to legally own this firearm
  • You need not hold a LTC
  • You will be notified via the contact information provided during class. If it has changed, please be sure to update me to be able to contact you if you're the lucky person.