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NRA Basic Pistol Course - Blended Format

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The NRA Basic Pistol class takes a bottoms up approach to firearms instruction and is great preparation for the TX License to Carry (LTC) class. The NRA has made updates to the course.

The course is now a blended format whereas students will initially complete the classroom portion online, at his or her own pace. Phase II, the practical, will employ the techniques learned during the online portion. . .thus the term blended format.

Click the link to begin phase I of the blended NRA Basic Pistol Course.

In order to earn a completion certificate, students will need to qualify with a firearm at level 1 (Red Level) which will be explained during class. If you've never handled a firearm, or have very little experience with a firearm, this class is perfect for you. The NRA Basic Pistol class will provide the opportunity to learn about the components of a pistol, both revolvers & semi-automatics. Students will also learn the various techniques to improve basic marksmanship. Additionally, and most importantly, the class emphasis will be on SAFETY!

Class consists of 4 lesson plans:

  • Firearms & range safety
  • Fundamentals
  • Loading, Cocking, De-cocking, Unloading, & Pistol Maintenance
  • Shooting Positions & Shooting Qualification

Basic Pistol Class Basic Pistol Practical

What should one bring to class....pad for scribing, all other materials provided.

  • Firearms (semi-automatic & revolver), as necessary
  • Targets
  • Eyes & Ears (Safety Glasses and Ear Protection)

Note: Additional firearm models will be available during class for discussion purposes.

Private NRA Classes also available:

Private NRA classes are available as well and can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time for those who wish to keep their training exclusive. Private NRA classes will consist of all that is provided in a typical class except the class is typically a group of friends making the environment less intimidating. Thus making the private NRA class a great forum to alleviate the anxiety of being in a formal class setting amongst one's peers. An ideal class, 2-4 people.

All Women NRA Classes:

SA Firearms also offers an all women NRA classes for women who may be intimidated by a training session in which men are the typically the majority. An all woman's class lessens the uneasiness of having to "measure up" to men.  Not being chauvinistic when I say this, it has just been my experience over the years. These classes are offered to hopefully entice more women to get involved with the sport on a regular basis. All Women NRA classes will consist of all that is provided in a normal class setting. All women classes can be made by appointment or attended on the days offered per SA's class schedule.

Range Dress Code:

  • No open toe shoes
  • No tank tops
  • Ideal to wear hat with brim
  • Avoid loose fitting clothing (due to flying hot brass)