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A little about your Instructor

Tom McCall

My name is Tom McCall, and I am your instructor for SA FirEarms TX operations. I will on occasion teach classes in CT where our operations began. However, my primary focus is providing firearms training in the North Texas (DFW) area. As with my CT counterpart, I too have a passion for sharing what knowledge I've acquired over the years I've been involved with the sport of shooting. I've been been engaged in the sport since the late 90's, and have taught firearms training since the early 2000's. See below for a quick summary of my credentials & memberships held.

Instructor Credentials:

  • NRA Certified (Basic Pistol)
  • NRA Certified (Chief Range Safety Officer)
  • NRA Training Counselor - (meaning I can teach new instructors for the disciplines I hold)
  • NRA Refuse to Be A Victim®
  • DPS Certified TX License To Carry (LTC, formerly CHL)


  • NRA Life Member - Currently working on Endowment Life Member
  • Dallas Pistol Club(DPC) of Carrollton, TX